What is coaching?

Coaching is about changing perception and opening up to what is around us. It's about is about surrendering the control of the outcome to focus on what is controllable.

Coaching is about knowing who we are and identifying the values we want to live by. Coaching is living our life in abundance regardless of any limitation we put in our way. Coaching is about taking a leap of faith in living the dream life we always wanted. Coaching is about loving ourselves and allowing ourselves to Be rather than forcing our way by Doing.

Different than Therapy

Therapy explores the past and orients our thinking towards what has not been working out for us. Therapy is about the past, coaching is about releasing the past to build the future we are looking for.

Different than Friendship

Like energy attracts! As such we usually surround ourselves with people who think like us or have the same way to live their lives. Friends come in many flavors but even when the look at helping, they come with their judgments and their comparative state of minds. The Coach is the Non-judgmental partner who helps you reach your goal whatever that goal is.

Different than Consulting

Consultants are Subject Matter Experts and teach you how to optimize your doing according to best practices and matrixes they have developed. In Coaching we believe that you are the best subject matter expert there could ever be in everything that relates to you.

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How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching is a partnership where the rules are defined between the partners to optimize the goals or results that one of the partners is looking to attain. The coach partner keeps the client partner accountable for the results defined and who challenges the client partner to identify all the values that are in play to reach results.
Regular meetings

Schedule checkpoints and follow up appointments to make sure you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Deep communication

Challenging interactions with your coach with a result oriented dynamic.

Who can be coached?

C Executives, Managers, Leaders

Leading by fear is absence of leadership! As fear leads to the very outcome that we are trying to avoid.Do you live at work, in your social relationships and go through life thinking why does it always end the same way? How can I make it feel different? How can I change the dynamic? How can I change the outcome? Who do I need to keep around me? What are the different skills that I need to get people around me to understand what I am building and have the same inspiration to attain the result I want to attain? These are all excellent questions but targeting the wrong individuals! Nothing changes around us if we do not change something about ourselves. We are the key to all the changes we are pursuing. Identifying our values and leading from whom we are and our whole environment will adapt to us.


We carry an overwhelming mission, which is breeding the next generation of adults and bringing them to the world all armed with maturity, responsibility, and having all necessary keys to their own success.However children listen up to 30% of what we say and copy 70% of what we do! Stop being responsible FOR your children and start being responsible TO them. It is the key to excellence in parenting. The way we carry our emotions is the way our children are expressing themselves through the most powerful expression they have learned: their tantrums, their behaviors, their act and their lives. Change the dynamic of your relationship by changing your perception of your role and of who you are to be in life.


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